Where Magic Resides

Shelley Lieber • 5 min read

We are being called to bring illusion into reality

Where Magic Resides

If we’re connected on Facebook, you may already know that I lost my big brother Joel last weekend. Not in a shopping mall during a Black Friday shopping bonanza, but to my heavenly family. Now I’m the only one of my immediate family remaining on this side of the veil.

His passing was not unexpected, yet the loss hit me in unanticipated ways. Being ten years my senior, Joel always took a protective stance for me. That role was expanded when my father died when I was just 11 and my brother stepped in and up as family patriarch. So I guess Joel’s passing was the loss of a brother and father in many ways.

My brother had been in a nursing home since June and then in hospice for several days before his death. We were unable to have any verbal communication since my visit to see him last July. But I spent time each day sending him love and messages in my meditations. Last week I started to get messages back.

He spoke to me through my oracle and Tarot cards. First I pulled the Happy Family card reversed in a spread. Several days later I learned about Joel’s transfer to hospice, which had transpired on the day the card appeared. On the morning of his death (he died at noon), an old photo of him with my children popped up on my phone in featured memories. I knew he was saying goodbye.

In that morning’s Tarot reading, I pulled the Death card in the future position. The first two cards were signs of positive change. Although the message of the Death card is meant to signify end of something, it generally refers to end of a situation, job, or relationship—not necessarily end of life. But I knew this time it was about my brother.

A few hours later my phone rang. I had just come home from running errands and my phone was still in my purse. I knew before I pulled it out that it was my sister-in-law calling. And before I answered, I knew what she was going to say.

Several days later, I posed a question to my cards about how to proceed with an idea that would take my business in a new direction. The first card I pulled was the King of Cups (emotions, family) in reverse. It indicated that my brother, the patriarch and consummate entrepreneur, was still guiding me. The next two cards were supportive of my idea and the likelihood of success.

Reflecting on these recent occurrences as I chopped fresh ginger this morning for my tea, I suddenly wondered if the new connection with my brother was supposed to replace the one I’ve had with Joe. As I shared two weeks ago in Mourning Has Broken, I felt Joe cross over into the light at the one-year anniversary of his death.

Since that time, I’ve felt differently and have felt Joe differently as well. So, I asked him: “Are you still with me?” When I didn’t get an immediate nudge,  pull, or sensation in my heart, I stopped all movement and waited, but nothing.

Sighing heavily, I went to pour the boiling water over the ginger in my cup to brew the tea. But there was no ginger in my cup. I looked over to the cutting board I’d been using, but there was no ginger there either. Now I was wondering if I was starting to lose my mind as well as my loved ones.

Eventually my glance rested on the container I use to store the fresh ginger for my tea. And there was my minced ginger, where I’d dumped it instead of in my mug. Suddenly I felt and heard Joe’s laughter and echoes of him teasing me. “You did it again, Shelley!”

My heart swelled, as it does when Joe is with me. I had to chuckle, too. He still makes me laugh every day.

Later as I started to prepare for this week’s post, I remembered that last week I was guided to a pretty good idea via my Muse Tarot cards, so I thought, “Why not try it again?” And this is what I pulled as a message for the collective. It took a while for the interpretation to fully develop, but I’ll take you through my process.

From The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne

Past Influences. 9 of Emotions (Cups in traditional tarot): The suit Emotions is self-explanatory. The number nine indicates global awareness and co-creating with Spirit. The card is a suggestion to dream big dreams even if you feel you’re not ready to begin. The Universe wants to give you a gift; all you have to do is reach out and take it. The visual shows a woman in a meditative pose floating above the water with crystals circling around her. Below her is what could be Aladdin’s lamp, perhaps conjuring up the scenario.

Present Influences. Queen of Voices (Swords in traditional tarot): Swords represent air, thought, communications; hence, Voices. A very strong message is being communicated. Because it’s coming from the Queen, it’s nurturing and commanding at the same time. Each of us needs to speak our Truths for the highest good of all.

Future Influences. The Magician: This card of the Major Arcana brings a potent message of using creative magic and manifestation powers to conjure up a better world. Note: This is the possible outcome, if we heed the advice of Card #2, The Queen of Voices.

When interpreting for myself or an individual, the message flows very easily to me. Applying the symbols and metaphors for a group or the collective requires taking a broader perspective and a little more time, but then bursts forth in a great big “aha” moment.

We are living in a time of great confusion, uncertainty, and even chaos. Nothing is as it was or as we think it should be. It’s hard to know what or who to believe or even where to seek answers. No wonder we, like the woman in Card 1 (9 of Emotions), feel “up in the air.” Still, with some quiet reflection, we can connect with our authentic selves. We do know what we want when we are patient and quiet enough to listen to the whispers of our souls.

The Queen of Voices is advocating for people to speak their truth, and there's no wiggle room. These are not the times for holding back or retreating. We are being called to think for ourselves and be guided by our hearts as well as our minds. We need compassionate leaders with clear vision who can communicate strategic solutions serving the highest good of all, not a select few. If you are not the one to lead, be the one to support the intention verbally, financially, or with personal action.

What is truth and what is illusion? The Magician knows. Having this card show up in the Future position indicates that we, too, can know and act on truth. Our instincts are a powerful guidance system. Letting others decide what’s true and what’s not is giving away our rightful, natural power.

We are being called to bring illusion (our thoughts) into reality, to connect with the natural elements rather than destroy them, in order to create healing for ourselves, others, and the planet.

“The world is more malleable than you think and it’s waiting for you to hammer it into shape.”
—Paul David Hewson (Bono)

The real magic resides within. We already have everything we need to bring our desires for a better world into form. Let’s not put it off for even one more day.

Image: Rainbow's End ©Gemignani. Contact me to purchase.

Text ©Shelley Lieber

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