What are you hungry for?

Shelley Lieber • 1 min read
What are you hungry for?

Besides chocolate?

I am hungry for Truth. Truth of my soul, my being. Authenticity. Being able to stand in my power and tell the truth of my being without thought of how my message is received.

It’s so silly, really, always trying to second guess myself. Wondering if someone will be offended that I think or express differently. Or worse, worrying that I will be attacked or ridiculed.

It’s inevitable that someone, somewhere—probably even many—will disagree, will not understand, will brush me off. But then, so what? Those who do are not my audience. I know there are also many who believe as I do and will/would welcome my message, my insights.

The really funny (or maybe ironic) thing about worrying about the naysayers is that I don’t care because I do not respect the opinions of those who are so closeminded that they must mock or reject anything that doesn’t concur with their present beliefs.

And what is a belief anyway? A belief is a thought you keep thinking, over and over. Change your thinking, change your life. Cliché, I know.


What if the things you were told or read weren’t true? What if the ideas our society is based on are ideas that limit our growth, or benefit only those of a certain race, heritage, income bracket, religion, or any group that is based on exclusion?

I have to stop myself from resorting to old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve me or society. We all do. We all harbor prejudice and bias from some archaic or societal teaching that needs to be reviewed and rejected.

This is a 10-minute timed writing from a prompt. It was written longhand, without stopping for edits or correction in a notebook. For publication, I've edited slightly for comprehension. Feel free to use the prompt yourself and see what comes up for you!

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