Today May You Be Happy

Shelley Lieber • 4 min read

The benefits of this Loving Kindness meditation go far beyond the feel-good sensation I experience.

Today May You Be Happy

About a month ago I preordered a book just because I loved the title: Why Woo-Woo Works/ The Surprising Science Behind Meditation, Reiki, Crystals, and Other Alternative Practices.

I also happen to like the author, David R. Hamilton, PhD, whom I knew as a speaker before I read his books. His credentials are impressive: He holds a PhD in organic chemistry and spent four years in the pharmaceutical industry as a drug researcher. But that means little to me.

It’s true I like that he left his job to explore what interested him more: why placebos, or one’s belief system, work to heal the body, too.

But the most compelling reason I like him is because he radiates enthusiasm, trust, authenticity, and genuine caring. That he’s also a nice-looking man with an adorable Scottish accent doesn’t hurt, but truly it is the light that radiates from within that draws me to him.

Back to the book. As part of the advanced-sale incentive, the publisher offered access to an interview he did with Dr. Joe Dispenza and two audio clips from Dr. Hamilton. I watched the video interview and waited patiently for release day when my book would be mailed.

Sometime at the end of September my package arrived with the book, which I’m enjoying. But the real value of my purchase was contained in one of the other bonus gifts I received for my preorder: a 10-minute audio meditation entitled Loving Kindness.

Because the audio clip instructs the listener to close her eyes, I decided to play it in the evening when I went to bed. That 10 minutes changed my life—and that is not hyperbole or exaggeration.

I cannot reveal the exact wording due to length and copyright protection, but I can share the general gist and why this powerful message must be shared.

After giving instructions to close your eyes, take the clearing breaths, and settle in to focus on his words, Dr. Hamilton invites the listener to repeat these sentences: (These are not his exact phrases. Again, adherence to copyright laws, but also I gave it my own twist because that’s what writers do, plus it makes it more relevant to me. Feel free to do the same.)

Dr. Hamilton asks the listener to repeat silently or aloud:

Today may I be happy. And well. And safe. And may I feel at ease. (say 3x)

Then he instructs the listener to focus on someone else: a partner, relative, friend, neighbor, coworker, or someone you care about and repeat:

Today may you be happy. And well. And safe. And may you feel at ease. (say 3x)

Today may someone give you a compliment or surprise you in a pleasing way.

Then focus on someone else. It could someone you know personally or the cashier at the supermarket, and say:

Today may you be happy. And well. And safe. And may you feel at ease. (say 3x)

Today may you have many reasons to smile and laugh.

He offers several other scenarios of people to envision and kind thoughts to send their way. In closing, he suggests that you send the thoughts a final time to yourself with a closing wish.

By the end of the 10 minutes, I felt a deep sense of peace and fulfillment, but mostly I radiated happiness. I felt as though my body was glowing in the darkened bedroom.

So I do this every night without the recording. I start with myself. Next I focus on my older brother in the nursing home and adjust the wording to include that he’s well cared for and that he finds peace within.

Then I move on to focus on my children and Joe’s daughter, their spouses, our grandchildren, my sisters-in-law, and all our extended families. I usually add, “Today may you feel loved,” somewhere in there.

I say a version for friends, rotating their images nightly.

Next I send similar thoughts to the people in the communities where we live. The final repetition is directed to the people in the states where we live, the entire United States, North America and the other continents, and finally to all the people of the world, before reflecting back to myself.

Once I've completed sending out these thoughts, in addition to feeling an expansive burst of heartfelt peace, I find it easier to fall asleep.

The benefits of this Loving Kindness meditation go far beyond the feel-good sensation I experience. Although I have yet to ask the recipients of the message if they have felt the effects of my nightly practice, I can tell you that my life has blossomed in miraculous ways.

People are reaching out to help me. I received unsolicited donations for the card readings I am offering for free, my health insurance premium went down, my writing is flowing faster than I can type, and the weather has been outstanding. I attribute everything good that happens to me to this new practice because good happenings are all I notice now. The other stuff has ceased to be on my radar, and I’m not sending out any search parties.

Because I’m now radiating peace, love, and happiness, I know the world is brighter. I feel it and see it clearly. Of course I can’t help but wonder what would happen if everyone who receives this newsletter starts the practice, shares it with others, who in turn continue to share.

Could we change the vibration of Earth? Could we begin to remember that we’re all connected instead of only seeing differences?

I don’t know, but I’m willing to start the experiment. In fact, I have. I’d love it if you joined me. I believe we can make a difference.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." —Margaret Mead

Pass it on.

Image: Umbrellas on the Beach ©Gemignani. Contact me to purchase.

Text ©Shelley Lieber

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