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What did you do when Facebook went down?

Social users may not have been affected in the pocketbook, but it was a wake-up call for many who only realized the degree of their dependence on the platform once it disappeared.

What's in YOUR toolbox? Part 1

Our planet is in need of major renovations on so many levels, I wonder if there is a toolbox big enough to hold all that is needed for its repair.

Why you MUST write down your thoughts and ideas: Part 1

Although it may be obvious why a writer finds it important to keep track of and remember her thoughts, the simple act of jotting down your thoughts and ideas in a notebook or journal is a habit well worth everyone's time.

Coming Home

Joe’s spirit followed me home and remains with me. He’s more than in my heart; he’s in my house.

What's timeless for you?

Some things transcend time and are timeless, or at least seem so while we're engaged with them.

The World Is Too Much with Us

I think it is a great shame that more people don’t live their lives by the information gleaned from poets.


To become the butterflies of our dream lives, we must do something—probably a bunch of things—for the transformation to take place.


Losing the love of my life in a three-month span from diagnosis to death has made me painfully aware of the fragility of life. We don’t know how long we have to become who we came here to be. I’ve been inching toward it for years, but I feel I’m running out of time. It’s now or never, baby.

Vacation Medley

Do not underestimate the power of your pen, nor the power of what we can accomplish individually and together. If you have not yet begun, then start today. Write now.

I'm Ashamed

Shaming is the new black, it seems in our culture. There does not appear to be any aspect of our lives or bodies that escapes the judgment of others.

No, I won't copy and paste that post

Until we learn to communicate our own thoughts and are willing to listen without judgment or need to validate or contest, we will be stuck mouthing the words put in our minds by other people.

Do you believe in miracles?

We all receive messages, hints, intuitions, and whispers. Some of us are more willing to accept them at face value and live with the uncertainty of following the nudges. Others fight it, choosing to seek rational “answers” over gut reactions.

Are YOU your latest Work in Progress?

Like most home projects (think cleaning out a closet or garage), clearing your energy body is a much bigger job than you anticipate when you begin. You find stuff you had forgotten or didn’t even know was there.

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