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Today May You Be Happy

The benefits of this Loving Kindness meditation go far beyond the feel-good sensation I experience.

Why you MUST write down your thoughts and ideas: Part 1

Although it may be obvious why a writer finds it important to keep track of and remember her thoughts, the simple act of jotting down your thoughts and ideas in a notebook or journal is a habit well worth everyone's time.

What's timeless for you?

Some things transcend time and are timeless, or at least seem so while we're engaged with them.

How to Use Prompts, Timed Writing & Sprints to Complete ANY Writing Project

Dear readers and writers, Here is a fail-proof system to complete ANY writing project from blog post to article to essay to novel. I believe this system will work for all forms of writing. Even poetry and those PIA 25-word bios and summaries that are harder to write than WAR AND PEACE.

What's your perspective?

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."—Wayne Dyer

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