Less is more. More is better. So, what’s best?

Shelley Lieber • 5 min read

Ever feel life is a dichotomy? If so, you’re on the path to enlightenment.

Less is more. More is better. So, what’s best?

Ever feel life is a dichotomy? Equal parts light and darkness, yin/yang, illusion/reality? If so, you’re on the path to enlightenment.

Most of us were conditioned to want only good, the more the better, and to project that perfect image to the world. You know, the Facebook image vs what life really looks like, which truly contains both the FB-picture moments and the not-so-picture-worthy moments.

Yet “equal parts” means balance, which is why light and dark, yin and yang, illusion vs reality are spiritual concepts to embrace, not fear.

A well-known Buddhist tenet is that attachment is the source of all suffering—as in attachment to a specific outcome or desire. Because of our conditioned, skewed expectations, when real life shows up to give us equal parts of seemingly opposite things, there’s a tendency to panic. We feel incomplete or insecure because our truth does not match the image of what we been trained to expect in order to be whole, to have it “all.”

But life on Earth is dualistic, meaning we get to experience both polarities of every condition. Expecting all green lights on the road trip of life is both unrealistic and—in my opinion—boring. Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to have some advance knowledge or insight into what might be ahead, even if just to know how to prepare. Like taking an umbrella on a sunny morning because the forecast is rain and your arthritis is flaring up.

For me, Tarot and oracle cards have come to serve that predictive purpose and more. What I’ve found is that my readings are mostly confirmation of what I feel but also a wake-up call to what I’m overlooking or blatantly ignoring. And it’s now my experience that my readings do the same for other people that I connect with…as close as one-on-one or a nonspecific group reading for the “collective.”

And here’s where it gets interesting. Knowing what is possible, even probable, after reading the cards gives me, the querent, or the collective at large the heads up to make a change if we don’t like what we see ahead.

Wouldn’t you prefer that to being hit over the head with the unexpected? Although major unforeseeable surprises do happen, most times we are not blindsided by unpleasant events, we are merely forced to confront realities we chose (consciously or not) to ignore. The cards reflect the energy and conditions—both present and likely—if we stay on our current course.

With that in mind, I’ve taken the liberty of doing three 12-month readings for 2022: one personal for myself and two for the collective. Two decks are used in each reading. Twelve cards from the first deck are drawn representing the “what” that’s ahead, and twelve from a second deck revealing the “how” or action step to take.

Interesting (to me, at least) the readings for the collective (done on consecutive days earlier this week) were remarkably similar, month by month. My own (also done this week) varied on some months and concurred on others with the collective. That, of course, is an indication of my personal energies agreeing, conflicting, or simply varying with the dominant energy of the collective at this time.

For Collective Reading 1, I used The Energy Oracle and Priestess of the Light Oracle, both decks by Sharon Anne Taylor. For Reading 2, the decks used were Angel Tarot by Radleigh Valentine and Keepers of the Light Oracle by Kyle Gray. The cards used for my personal reading were Rebecca Campbell’s Starseed and Work Your Light Oracle decks.

Rather than delve into the entire year ahead, I’ll reveal the basics of what the cards predict for each month in the first week’s newsletter for that month. Here is what’s ahead in January:

Collective Reading 1

What: Attachment (card). Need to let go.

How: Innovation (card). New creations.

This will show up differently for each individual, but it’s not surprising that this energy is present for January, the “resolution” month for change. Using innovative, creative strategies to effect change is another nonsurprise.

Collective Reading 2

What: 7 of Air (card). Plans need revision. More going on than meets the eye.

How: Kali-Ma (card). Facing fear. Major spiritual changes are unfolding. Your chance to soar.

Again, Indication of need to change using unconventional or unusual means.

My Reading

What: The Blue Flame (card). Spontaneous awakening. Activation. Integration.

How: Share your voice (card). Come out of the cave. Expression.

As you can see, my personal reading reveals how the collective energy manifests for me specifically. It can do the same for you. Contact me if you’re interested in a personal reading or see below for more information.

BTW, the question posed in the title is not a rhetorical one nor a trick, either. For me, the answer to “What’s best?” is “Balance.” Your response may vary :)

2022 12-Month-Ahead Readings

For my personal reading, an "extra" or "jumper" card fell out of the deck, pictured outside circle, on right.

Twelve-month, one-year-ahead readings can be done any month, starting with the present one, but for January 2022 this new offering is only $50 for a one-hour session via Zoom. Starting in February, the fee will increase to $75 via Zoom and $100 by email with written evaluation (not available until next month). Increase may be higher depending on how intense the extensive energy readings are for me. Similarly,  the standard 30-minute reading fee will also increase in February. Book your reading here.

Feedback I've received so far:

"I received a card reading from Shelley Lieber this morning. Excellent. The future's so bright, I have to wear shades. 😎" —ALD
"Thank you, Shelley, for your kind guidance & gentle demeanor! It was truly a pleasure to meet & share with you during the reading."—LH
"Thank you for a beautiful reading. You're going to be great at this."—RR
"You are so well suited to offer this service to others." —ER
"Oh, wow! Thanks, Shelley!! You’re going to be quite successful. I’ll sign up for another reading." —JR
"Thank you so much for the reading yesterday! It was exactly the clarification I was searching for. You have a gift and I'm so glad you're sharing that gift with others." —JPR
"You have done a great job in creating a picture and vision for me. I look forward to future sessions with you." JF

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Text ©Shelley Lieber

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