That's What Friends Are For

It doesn’t matter if I know you or not, or whether we are in the same room or across the country. I am an empath, and your feelings become mine as well.

Your Pillar of Light Cannot Be Googled

For day-to-day living on Kronos, society's accepted linear time, technology rules. But it's a #massivefail when it comes to matters of the heart or soul.

Mourning Has Broken

Grief is not a punishment; it’s a rite of passage, and for me, it’s time to embrace life fully once again.

Ah, November

Do I have reasons to be grateful this year?

You've Always Had the Power

We were conditioned as children to believe that power rests outside ourselves, with those who “know better.” But what happens when we turn our minds and allegiance over to others?

Today May You Be Happy

The benefits of this Loving Kindness meditation go far beyond the feel-good sensation I experience.

What did you do when Facebook went down?

Social users may not have been affected in the pocketbook, but it was a wake-up call for many who only realized the degree of their dependence on the platform once it disappeared.

What's in YOUR toolbox? Part 3

This is a longer-than-usual post. Grab your favorite beverage or snack and settle in. I promise it will be worth reading to the end!

What's in YOUR toolbox? Part 2

The scope of the world’s needs for repair can certainly appear too much for a single individual to handle. But a person armed with the right tools can learn to accomplish almost any job.